Rock Band Coming to PS2, More Songs Announced

rockband_logo.jpgExciting news for Playstation 2 owners: Rock Band, the upcoming rhythm game from Harmonix, creators of Guitar Hero, is set to hit Sony's aging but still supremely well-distributed console. Previously, Rock Band had only been announced for current generation systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It's safe to presume that most of the online capability that will set Rock Band out from its predecessors will be axed—the PS2 has rudimentary and non-universal online capability—but the core gameplay of thrashing on plastic guitars and drum kits will remain. And if you were already planning on buying Rock Band—it's a Day One purchase in this house—Gamespot News has a list of another 10 songs that will be showing up in Rock Band's library. Even better? All ten songs are original versions, meaning they use the original studio soundtracks and are not covers. GC 07: Rock Band coming to PlayStation 2 [Gamespot]
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