"Brix" Screen Concept Lovely, Unlikely

While just a clever design for a cellphone, the "Brix" concept by Seokwon Hong is certainly appealing to anyone who grew up clicking blocks together, if sort of ludicrously unpractical. (Who's going to buy another cellphone just to double of their screen size?) Where I could see something like this working well—and this is in a future so far flung that hardware has become a mutable, amorphous incarnation of intent—is if every device with a screen could recognize every other device with a screen, allowing a person to double up their screen size if watching a movie with a buddy. But since we'll all be dead before mismatched hardware works together like that, we can file this under "bittersweet future where the only thing left to watch is soccer and iRobot." Two Brix Are Better Than One [YankoDesign via Sci-fi Tech via Gizmodo]
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  1. Anonymous says:

    A very similar system is already in use commercially, if you have seen any video billboards while driving around. Those use similar modules– makes replacing bad units easy. Even though LEDs can be pretty hardy outdoors, the circuits supporting them can foul in the weather, so it makes sense to swap out ‘bulbs’ in such a fashion.

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