Crocs to Launch Foam Resin Clothing Line

The Daily Mail is reporting that Crocs, the makers of the stupendously ugly and comfortable foam resin sandals, intend on launching a clothing line using a "relaxed" version of the same material. Despite myself, I am intrigued.
[Snobs] can, however, take some comfort from the fact that the shoes are not actually made of rubber (so no rubber t-shirts), but are rather manufactured using a trademark material called Croslite - a soft spongy foam resin. ... The resin will be blended with natural fibres such as cotton to create a breathable, sweat-resistant substance for outdoor activity. A Crocs spokeswoman said: "We've been able to take the same material and spin it into a yarn so it has all the properties of the shoes - light, durable and breathable."
Plastic fantastic: Crocs launch clothing range [Daily Mail via Consumerist]
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One Response to Crocs to Launch Foam Resin Clothing Line

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool! And when you go out in the sun, your shirt will shrink and cut off your circulation!

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