Morning Tech Deals Highlights

Toshiba HD DVD Player $240 + 8 free movies. You could get a more expensive HD DVD player, but save that money for the mythical hybrid player of the future. [Bargainist] • Nintendo Wii HD Component Cable for $10, shipped. Oh, Monoprice. What can't you do right? Besides realize that the Wii doesn't output HD, even over component, I mean? (The cable is still totally worth it if you have component inputs.) [Monoprice via Slickdeals] • New 20-inch iMac for $1,144 shipped after rebate. I know I just linked an iMac yesterday, but this an even better deal. (Although not quite a kitted out.) [Dealnews] • Refurbished Sanyo Xacti HD Camcorder for $333. Reviews have varied on these, but that's a nice price if you can deal with the solid-state storage. [Dealnews] • Refurbished Westinghouse 37" Widescreen HD-Ready 1080p LCD TV for $559. No tuners on these things, but these are great monitors at a ridiculously low price. [Dealnews]
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3 Responses to Morning Tech Deals Highlights

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! This is exactly the kind of info that’s helpful for a shopping- and time-challenged person like myself that’s always wondering, what would be a good, affordable version of “x” to buy?

    (yes, I’d rather spend my time on boingboing than shop)

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Man, thank you for saying so! I really love browsing for deals, but sometimes I’m not sure how useful it is to pass on the sweet ones.

  2. Sebastian says:

    It’s very useful. I can’t keep up with Slickdeals or Dealnews on any kind of regular basis. Combing them and commenting is good stuff.

    I assume Monoprice means ‘the cable that can pass thru 480p’ from your Wii, not true HD.

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