Enterprise NX-1-Inspired "Spaceship Lamp"

This "Spacecraft Chandelier" by Elk Lighting is modeled after the Enterprise NX-1, although it appears to have grow an extra nacelle. If you must hang an ode to the worst Star Trek series ever, it will set you back $178. Star Trek Chandelier [GeekAlerts.com]
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5 Responses to Enterprise NX-1-Inspired "Spaceship Lamp"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I concur with the above, with the caveat that we’ll never really know if Enterprise was merely the second-worst show ever, or Sopranos-quality Emmy-bait, so powerful was the vomitous aftertaste of Voyager.

    Honestly now. Try not to squander all of BB’s geek cred all at once!

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Ha. Okay, I’ll grant you that Voyager was probably worse, although I am somewhat ashamed to say I watched a lot more Voyager than I did Enterprise. That was over the course of a single weekend, though, when my unemployed friend and I sequestered ourselves in his parents’ basement and watched seasons 1 through, like, 4 over the course of a few days. It was strange torture, but it was cheap.

      I actually plan on writing a bit about what Enterprise should have been, which may mean I should watch a little bit more than the two or three episodes I’ve seen. But I know it’s going to suck and I’m a bit a’feared.

  2. Skwid says:

    Voyager was, in every way, the worst Star Trek series. Terrible writing, terrible acting, and entire seasons of 2-dimensional characters speaking nothing but technobabble.

    Enterprise sucked for the first season, sure, but after that they reintroduced to Trek the concepts of characters that can grow and change, storylines that directly address topical issues and ethical quandries, and multi-episode story arcs that weren’t deeply lame and resolved by inverting the polarity of the particle field of the week.

    I still maintain that Enterprise is the only show that was doomed based almost entirely on the cringe-worthy shittiness of its theme song.

  3. appliance says:

    Um, Voyager was way worse than Enterprise. They had an entire episode about the holographic Doctor trying to raise a holographic family. Keep in mind that they were, like, in space, in a spaceship, with lasers and shit. Yet, they felt it worthwhile to explore the Doctor’s breeder fantasies. While they were in space. With lasers.

  4. Skwid says:

    If you’re going to embark on that project, Joel, you might consider just skipping the first season. I don’t think you’d have too much trouble jumping right into the 2nd, and that’s when the goodness really starts.

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