iRobot Looj Gutter-Cleaning Bot Leaked

iRobot's methodical quest to put a noisy robot in every corned of your home continues apace, as leaked documents at Engadget detail the upcoming "Looj," a bot designed to clean out your gutters. iRobot's Looj wants to clean yer damn gutters [Engadget]
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3 Responses to iRobot Looj Gutter-Cleaning Bot Leaked

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve tried to design one many times. Unfortunately I have a day job.

    I have to clean my gutters at least a half dozen times a year. Until recently I had to stand on a 25 foot ladder with cars whizzing by six inches from the foot of said ladder, with stones and a picket fence directly below, and high voltage power lines a few feet behind my back.

    Not to mention the arduous task of just getting the ladder in place without getting killed. It takes several hours to do the job one time.

    Recently I cut a door into the roof and sank eye hooks into strategic locations, so now I can walk out on the roof, hook up a couple of safety lines, and do it from above. Much quicker and safer, but now I have to maintain a roof hatch.

    Why would anyone put up with such a situation? If you could see my house you’d understand. Nestled in a heavily wooded valley under 100′ tall trees, my 200+ year old home was once a water-powered mill, and the stream still flows so close that you can fish from the back porch. It’s heaven… except for those blasted gutters!

  2. Anonymous says:

    this HAS to be a fake.

    a gutter cleaning robot? who in the world would buy a robot to do a chore that needs to be done maybe once a year?

    • Joel Johnson says:

      It could be a fake or a prototype, but I could see a gutter cleaning robot getting about as much use as some other home-care tools, like chainsaws and snow blowers. It’s certainly an extravagance no matter how you slice it.

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