Syndecrete: Colored, Textured Concrete

From the manufacturer's website:
Syndecrete is a cementitious composite using natural minerals and recycled materials. It as a solid surfacing material that is less than half the weight and twice the compressive strength of ordinary concrete.
What that means for you and me is that Syndecrete—or more properly "syndeCRETE"—is available in a variety of colors and textures. It's sort of like a concrete Dairy Queen "Blizzard," except instead of a Heath Bars and coffee you get abalone, glass, or wood chips. Lots more colors and information is available on the Syndecrete page. Company Product Page [Syndecrete via Apartment Therapy]
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2 Responses to Syndecrete: Colored, Textured Concrete

  1. a random John says:

    Probably not the best choice of name. The very similar name Syncrete was that moniker of an expensive fiasco in Utah:

    In an attempt to improve the interstate, UDOT resurfaced a section of I-15 near Salt Lake City with a synthetic cement called syncrete (1989-1990). Syncrete proved to be less than the superior surface it was advertised to be, and the freeway surface began crumbling shortly after the project’s completion. In the end the UDOT tore out the syncrete and admitted that the experiment had been a failure.

  2. Teresa Nielsen Hayden/Moderator says:

    Oooh, that’s hot. (Don’t look at me like that. I like cementitious compounds.)

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