Blade Runner "Final Cut" in the Works

Blade Runner may be one of the great science fiction films of all time, but how many times is Ridley Scott going to re-cut the thing before he's done tinkering? On the upside, it looks like the voiceovers, added after negative test screenings, are gone.
Over the years, five versions of the film have been released, including a director's cut in 1992. But Scott said the "Final Cut" -- which will be issued as a collector's DVD edition later in the winter -- was "really as it was intended to be."
New "Blade Runner" cut is "how it should have been" [Yahoo/Reuters]
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9 Responses to Blade Runner "Final Cut" in the Works

  1. Anonymous says:

    So what’s the problem? if the man wants to go Lucas, let him. I got all versions, in VHS and DVD, even a couple of torrents somewhere and I will buy this one.
    The way movies are today, I wouldn’t mind tiny variations every month on BR.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its called milking the cash cow. He needs the money to afford the his latest trophy wife/concubine/mistress.

  3. Chang says:

    Dude, I thought the director’s cut I have with the unicorn and no voiceovers was the one?

    Shazzbat, I’m gonna be shelling out another $25 or so to Ridley, I guess.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just so long as it has the theatrical cut. Blade Runner starts out dense – the proper way to show it is once with the voiceover, so you know what’s going on, then again with the director’s cut.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind a periodic remix. “Blade Runner: The Sitcom Cut” sounds awesome.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I must be the only person alive who liked the voiceovers and the little details they added to the film. Still, I’m interested in what will make this new cut so different. I’m guessing not a lot.

  6. minamisan says:

    the voiceovers were gone in the 1992 Director’s Cut, weren’t they?

    but damn you Ridley, you sold me the Director’s Cut as your Original Vision; the way things Should Have Been. now you tell me that this is the real one? why should I believe you? are you going to George Lucas me and re-release this every few years as the real version?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully this release is not as Lucas-esque as it may seem. When Ridley Scott originally made the film it went over-budget and the film’s producers took control over the movie’s final form. In the Director’s Cut he attempted to salvage his original vision of the film, but Scott still did not own or have access to the film’s original material. It was not until this decade that Scott reclaimed rights to his material and is now done with the final cut.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cash cow my tush! The ‘Director’s Cut’ wasn’t even Scott’s idea, it was the studio’s. Michael Arick, at Warner’s, found a lost 70mm blowup from 35mm of the Dallas/Denver Sneak Workprint, got it shown all over SF and LA, and, later, Seattle, to unprecedented lust.

    After Scott found out, he nearly popped a rod; so, as a compromise , the ‘D’s C’ was the result; NOT the version he wanted to push. THIS is. BTW, if yer REALLY a fanatic, don’t get the 5 disc set, get the alleged 10-pack.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i have to chime in that this is a good thing. i agree with an earlier comment and would be thrill if the movie was rereleased over and over remixed and cut up and redone. change the story or not i don’t care this is a movie that has always left me wanting more.

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