HUMP NF01, NF02 Reviewed (Verdict: Small USB Speakers That Don't Suck)

Dan Rutter takes a gander at the "HUMP NF01" and "NF02" desktop speakers from Unique Hardware and finds—to everyone's surprise, including his—that the little desktop units and their USB amplifier actually put out a set of decent sound waves for not too much money.
If you don't need little tiny super-portable speakers, you don't need the NF01s. If you still need a USB audio solution, there are umpteen super-cheap "USB sound cards" on eBay. Get one of those, plug it into any old amplifier and garage-sale speakers, and you'll be golden. If you want pocketable speakers that don't sound like wet mud and/or the audio leaking out of someone else's headphones, though, the NF-series speakers are an absolute revelation, and definitely worth the money.
Unique Hardware sells their product directly via eBay at the moment under the name "humpunique"; Prices are in the $65 range, plus shipping. You could get speakers just as nice for less, but probably not as small. If you think you might want to use these with something that doesn't have a USB port—an iPod, say—then you'll want the HUMP NF02, which includes a 3.5mm line in. (Although if I'm not mistaken, you'd still need to be plugged into a USB port for power.) Unique Hardware NF01 and NF02 USB speakers [Dan's Data]
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4 Responses to HUMP NF01, NF02 Reviewed (Verdict: Small USB Speakers That Don't Suck)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The NF01 speakers are great for the sound but I’ve gone through 3 of the usb devices and they keep breaking on me. I would go with somehting more reliable if your looking for a good purchase

  2. Mr. S says:

    Just purchased the NF01 from
    I wanted something small and portable without extra wall plug and audio lines etc. A few months ago I had a new (now sold)505watt THX Logitech z5500 along with a smaller 5.1 85 watt logitech system. Basically dual 5.1’s and the smaller was custom hooked up to a larger car sub and was good. Anyways that was some serious sound, however I am extremely happy with these. Sitting at my laptop they sound amazing, (this might sound weird) but the bass response is really good from these. Sounds amazing. When i opened the package the drivers were much smaller than I thought, I knew the cases were about the size of a credit card, but it never dawned on me the size of the 4 drivers. I thought, oh great there goes 35 bucks. these are awesome. So far craftsmenship is/appears sturdy for the drivers. Usb dongle is ok too. If you have an amd laptop youll need to download a usb filter otherwise the speakers will hiss and crack with no music. Perhaps its windows 7 that im using, but sometimes itll play music and then go to nasty noise mode where you immediately unplug them because the sounds they emit is unbareable. However do note I am fairly sure if not 100% that it is not the device, it is the usb audio, perhaps usbaudio.sys file that is at fault working with the AMD chipset. My girlfriends Intel works fine. overall good speakers for little size. If you want good sound from small usb get these, if you want good sound and dont care about extra lines etc and have money get something else.

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    $65 is a lot to pay for a pair of mini speakers, sound unheard, but they are pretty, and that counts for a little bit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I took a punt on these and must say their performance belies their size and price. Compared to other mini speakers from some big names I’ve encountered these are really good, they’re never going to set your audio world on fire, but for listening to MP3s on my laptop or from my Clix2 in a hotel room while travelling they are brilliant.

    They can also be powered from any USB power source, so my mains USB plug works fine and I’ve invested in a AA powered USB charger which also works great, giving me a fully portable set up.


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