Pacemaker: Handheld Mixing Unit

Digital Lifestyles got their mitts on the "Pacemaker," an in-development portable mixing unit with a 120GB hard drive and touch controls. The Pacemaker aims to push aside the iPod as the default for mobile DJs with smart features like automatic beat matching (for seamless transitions between songs) and recording of live sets. It's not going to supplant a proper mixing rig for real DJs, but it offers a lot of extra control that weren't available with a pair of iPods in the past. (Yes, I am purposely ignoring all those iPod-based mixing rigs, because I don't know how well they get their job done.) Pacemaker: Handheld DJing tool: Video [] Bonus Video: One of my favorite chip-tune artists Nullsleep busking a live Gameboy show on the streets of NYC, after the jump. [via Music Thing]
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