Solar Bottle Uses Sun to Purify Water

These new bottles are designed to take advantage of the "SODIS" method of water disinfection—using the heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun to purify water—by putting a layer of black, sun-absorbing material opposite the clear side of the bottle. The SODIS method can be used with generic clear water bottles and a painted black tin roof, but these "Solar Bottles" are designed to be entirely portable and feature a clever notched handle that can make it easier to get the water directly in the sun's rays. Each Solar Bottle can hold a gallon of water and can be held back-to-back for easy transport. SOLAR BOTTLE: Water-purifying drinking container [Inhabitat via Engadget] Previously: Eight Reusable Water Bottles Compared [BBG]
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2 Responses to Solar Bottle Uses Sun to Purify Water

  1. Anonymous says: and the rcsi and icross research teams pioneered this work at zero cost

    look at sodis on google and icross about the real story

  2. Anonymous says:


    Hello, my name is Carl Cooper and I am owner and founder of Silco & Co and Silco products. I have came up with a formula using colloidal minerals to purify water from any water source from lakes,ponds,rivers etc. Many people think that these water purification kits can not take the heavy metals out of the water, but thats where their wrong. My water purification kit can kill all the bacteria and pathogens the water may contain and also making the heavy metals along with all other bacteria and contaminents sink to the bottom creating what you would call the “flocculation” process. If you would like to no more you can e-mail me or visit my web site at thank you!.

    Carl W Cooper

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