Bat Winged Ceiling Fan Blades

I'm not a gothy sort, nor given to decorating my apartment in haute selections from the back wall at Hot Topic, but these bat wing fan blades on Etsy make the scaly nubbins on my shoulder blades shiver with excitement. They're just forty bucks, yet no price is too high for something that would make my ceiling so unassailably badass. Look up. See that fan lazily creaking above your cubicle? The one you should put these fan blades on? Imaging turning that fan to its most powerful setting, standing directly beneath, greasy locks slapping against your doughy forehead, and spinning slowly in a circle giving two upturned birds to every paper pusher in the office. Also suitable for use in Klingon rumpus rooms. Bat / Dragon Wing Fan Blades - 5 Blades [ via Oh Gizmo]
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  1. nmacarthur says:

    Good day Joel,

    I wanted to thank you for your post on our fan blades. We’ve gotten a great response to this item and now we’ve just updated our ETSY site. We have more in stock and are hopeful that we will keep up on the interest and orders.

    Nicole & Ken
    ~The Atomic Lounge

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