Messiah Darklite DVD Remote for Playstation 3

The "Darklite" DVD remote is a surprisingly nice-looking piece of kit, putting the most commonly used functions on the outside while saving secondary buttons for a slide-out keypad. It doesn't even use batteries, instead recharging via USB. (Although I suspect that might mean it chews through a lot of power.) And it's cheap, too, at just $30. Problem is, it's only for use with the Playstation 3. Foiled! I don't quite understand how some things can look so nice when coated in "piano black" plastic, while others look so shit. My guess is the lighting for the product shots, cunningly devoid of fingerprints. Product Page [Play Messiah via CrunchGear]
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One Response to Messiah Darklite DVD Remote for Playstation 3

  1. flojomojo says:

    It’s beautiful, but it’s fatally flawed.

    1. It uses infrared (line-of-sight) instead of Bluetooth (radio, works from behind the couch).

    2. Since it uses IR, it needs a receiver plugged into the PS3 to work.

    3. Said receiver is decent-looking, like an iPod cradle, but it’s also the charger.

    4. The charger/cradle/receiver plugs into the PS3.

    5. Remote controls should be usable from across the room.


    6. This thing is stupid. Nicely designed, but poorly conceived.

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