SLP Survival Knife with Flashlight and Firestarter

I have an irrational affection for survival gear, considering I rarely go camping out of sight of a major road. Still, visions of my self ensconced in trunk of an ancient tree in the boreal forest, nestled peacefully in a bed of leaves while reading my Boy Scout Handbook by the light of a gas lantern are inscribed deeply from hours of pre-teen thumbing through survival gear catalogs. Has man yet created something more clever than a foot-and-a-half Rambo knife with a hollow hilt filled with fish hooks, monofilament, and a single band-aid? No. He has not. This SLP2 Survival Tool is a worthy challenger, though. A nice little serrated locking blade can be folded inside a titanium handle, which also holds a flashlight, whistle, and fire steel. It's £35 across the pond; Getting one on the North American content might take a little work, but it's nothing a rough-and-tumble surivorman like yourself can't handle. Catalog Page [ via UberGizmo via Complex]
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9 Responses to SLP Survival Knife with Flashlight and Firestarter

  1. Heteromeles says:

    @Gryffin: Yes, I absolutely agree with the comments about Doug Ritter. I got a couple of his cheaper things (pocket survival kit and photon light) before I got the knife, and I haven’t been disappointed.

    @Joel Johnson: about carrying stuff. I live in earthquake country, which means that I’m roughly a minute from a catastrophic survival situation every day. Most days it doesn’t happen though. I have a photon light (the size of a breath mint) on my keys, the survival pack (wallet-sized), a folding survival knife (all from Ritter), a leatherman, and gloves in my work bag. The only thing that doesn’t get used regularly is the survival kit, for obvious reasons. Because I don’t want to lug around a lot of junk, I appreciate small, tough tools that are useful in daily life.

    I’m glad Gextyr is using his SLP2–it’s not a bad tool, if you’re right handed. Try opening it left-handed and you’ll see why I’m not so fond of it. That’s one thing I really like about Ritter’s knife–it’s one of the few folders that’s perfectly ambidextrous.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be one of the other knife snobs to comment. These have been out for several years. They have improved some, but are still not something I would want to rely on.

    I agree with a lot of what Heteromeles and Gryffn have to say. I carry a knife (usually Spyderco or Sebenza) in my pocket and have a Photon III (like Ritter’s just black bodied and cheaper) on my keys. Whistle and Uncle Bill’s tweezers on my keys too, plus P38 (but that is mainly for sentimental reasons) I usually only carry fire making stuff if I am carrying any kind of pack, or wearing a jacket in the winter. Bandana everyday, more useful than most people realize.

    If I’m going to be out at night I carry a Fenix P1 3W LED flashlight, and sometimes a Surefire.


    I don’t worry about shelter unless I’m out of the city.

    None of this stuff is worth a tinkers dam if you don’t have the knowledge to back it up.

    Doug Ritter has done more through Equipped to Survive,to promote level headed survival information on the net than anyone else. Get too political or start going off about TEOTWAWKI and you may find yourself banned. ETS is a non profit organization BTW and sales of ETS merch goes towards keeping the site and foundation going. I’m not a shill, just a big fan.

    Paul in Cin City

  3. Dug North says:

    Doh! It looks like I spent twice as much as I needed to on this knife.

    I received my Toollogic SL Pro and it seems to be a very solid knife. The edge could be sharper. One nice thing about it is there is a bit of room around the Firesteel where one could stuff in a bit of tinder to stay dry. The whistle is high-pitched.

  4. Dug North says:

    FYI: I just ordered one of these for shipment to the US. I encountered no problem with the order, though it does cost an additional £9.95 — a small price to pay for the unqualified bad-assness of this tool.

  5. Heteromeles says:

    Yeah, I got something similar, although it had a diamond sharpener instead of the fire steel. It is cute.

    Thing is, it’s sitting in a box at home, unused. Here are the reasons:

    1) I’m left-handed, it’s not.

    B) The steel is fairly soft (420 stainless, I believe)

    III) I found something better.

    My favorites (i.e. the stuff I carry with me every day) are designed by Doug Ritter ( This is not a paid testimonial, but his knives and lights are way better. They’re also much more expensive (US$107 for the knife, $20 for the light, $30 for the survival kit). On the other hand, the equipment is well-designed, tough, ambidextrous, and unlike most of the stuff I’ve bought, it works as advertised, every time. It’s also really easy to carry.

  6. gextyr says:

    I have a different model from Tool Logic that just has the serrated blade and fire starter. The knife is one of the best I’ve ever owned. I’ve started more than a few fires with it, in varying conditions. I carry it with me everywhere… it is a perfect self-contained minimalistic survival kit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You can buy the toollogic survival knives cheaply in the US from .

    I’ve never purchased anything from wisementrading, btw, just googled the knife to see if it was available in the US.

  8. Gryffin says:

    Funny, I thought you Brits weren’t allowed locking folding knives…

    It’s a good idea, but too many compromises. There are much better knives, better lights, and better firestarters available.

    @Heteromeles: Doug Ritter sometimes lapses into shameless self-promotion, but he does know his gear, and the knives and survival kits that bear his name *are* quite good, if somewhat pricey.

    For a survival knife, any knife made by a good maker (Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, Al Mar, Buck) will hold an edge *much* better than the cheap ones. Since most “survival” situations rarely last more than three days, you really shouldn’t need to worry about sharpening a survival knife! Better to get one that holds an decent edge for e few days of serious use.

    For lights, Peak LED Solutions makes the most bomb-proof reliable LED flashlights I know of. Others may be brighter, but a Peak will never let you down. LRI’s Photon Freedom Micro packs a pretty amazing light into a coin-sized package that weighs next to nothing on your keychain.

    For a firestarter, the military issues a very effective, very light, very compact one called the Spark-Lite, which is also available to us civilians. Besides making sparks, it comes with several wads of tinder that will light even if wet; the whole kit is packed into a small plastic box about the size of a Zippo.

  9. Joel Johnson says:

    Do you guys actually carry your knives and firestarters around with you at all times? I have a hard enough time remembering to take a multi-tool with me, and even then I often leave it home just because I’ve run out of pocket room. (And unless it’s the winter, I hate wearing stuff on my belt.

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