Spy Sunglasses Take Another Stab at Hidden Video

These sunglasses, said to have an embedded camera wired inside, may be the best looking set of surreptitious spy glasses yet. The thick frame sunglasses that are en vogue these days really are perfect for embedding cameras, perhaps even with wireless transmitters. I'd expect no less for the £814 (with VAT) price. Although I suppose if you had a wireless transmitter, you'd have to embed a battery, and even an encephalitic Nicole Richie couldn't pull off glasses that outsized. Catalog Page [SpyCatcherOnline.co.uk]
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One Response to Spy Sunglasses Take Another Stab at Hidden Video

  1. A New Challenger says:

    The rebel in me really wants a pair of these. Every time I see a “no photography” sign when I visit some place other than the Pentagon I always wish my eyeglasses had a camera in them. “Oh yeah? I’ll show you!” I say to myself.

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