Alienware Rack-Mount Hanger 18 HD Media Server

CEDIA, one of the major home theater expos, is currently underway, and while most of the stuff shown is your same ol' same ol', a few interesting bits are floating to the surface. This "Hanger18 HD Media Server" from Alienware, for instance: a four terabyte array of hot-swappable hard drives, HD recording up to 1080p, and an internal Blu-ray drive lets this thing do some serious entertainment bit spitting. To me, though, the most appealing thing about the Hanger 18 is that it's in a rack-mountable case. I've long had a dream of moving all my computing and media devices into a single, throbbing entertainment monolith. Unfortunately, having had some minor experience building rack-mount systems in the past, I'm not quite prepared to put in the extra money, especially when I'd basically be stacking all my stuff on top of each other like it is already. Prices for the Hanger 18 will probably range in the $2k to $4k range, depending on how you spec it out. Press Release [ via Engadget]
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  1. schilsound says:

    First off let me agree- Racks are sexy. They’re sleek and techy, the blank faceplate is just short of awe-inspiring.

    One of my favorite aspects of Pro Audio has always been the rackmount nature of almost everything outside of the main control surface.

    It just looks hyper-bad**s.

    My penchant being outed so thoroughly let me say this: I am hesitant to wonder how very long it will take Alienware to assemble, let alone ship, something like this.

    Dreaded emails of “Please allow another 4-6 weeks before shipping” come to mind.

    Vaporware? And when it’s realized how long will it take to assemble and ship.

    But for the dream realm it’s a suitor!

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