HP Back in the Smartphone Game with New iPAQs

HP has brought two new Windows Mobile 6 Professional IPAQs to the table in an attempt to crack back into the smartphone space. The QWERTY-equipped 910 has a square screen, while the 610 has a larger screen, but no keyboard. Both are sort of sterile-looking devices, which may or may not appeal to you depending on how you feel about the glossy faux metal that covers most Windows Mobile devices these days. Hardware-wise, they're not without oomph—3G, Bluetooth 2, A-GPS, 3 megapixel cameras—but like all hardware with feature sets that are predicated largely by their OS, they're not doing a whole lot of stand-out stuff. I'm a little surprised they're keeping the "iPAQ" brand. I never thought it screamed modernity. HP Refreshes iPAQ Lineu [Phonescoop]
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2 Responses to HP Back in the Smartphone Game with New iPAQs

  1. Jake says:

    I like them, although considering Apple just dropped the iPhone price significantly I think it’ll be tough for them to sell many at the $800 price I’ve seen mentioned on the online.

  2. Joel Johnson says:

    Well, iPhone and Windows Mobile Smartphones aren’t in direct compeition, what with the lack of Exchange integration so far on iPhone, but yeah, ouch. $800 is a lot of scratch.

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