WAVE Street Surfboard

The "WAVE Street Surfboard" is a frightening two-wheeled device intended to give you several vectors onto which you may through the air towards a wall. Like a skateboard, the WAVE is meant for use on land. Unlike a skateboard, it has only two wheels, the better to make deep slices into turns, more like a surf or snowboard. It also has a thoughtful wide rear and foredeck, the better to place my fat, whimpering ass on as I careen wildly down a hill. There's no way I would ever stand up on that thing. The reviews on Sports Authority's site are generally positive, although most warn it has a steep (but short) learning curve and a tendency to chew through wheels fairly quickly. The WAVE is available for $100 (plus monthly health insurance payments). Catalog Page [SportsAuthority.com via Uncrate]
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6 Responses to WAVE Street Surfboard

  1. Gilbert Wham says:

    Sweet Zombie Jesus, are those wheels gimballed as well?

  2. Lord Fartinbras says:

    I got one earlier this summer and used it to commute approx 2 miles to my college. Due to traffic, I could drive to a park close to the school which had a trail that went by the college. It was awesome and faster than driving those last miles then finding parking. It is surprisingly easier to use than it looks, you just need to be cautious when using it.

  3. nosarembo says:

    These are basically a copy of Tierney Rides t-board:

    A much more stable (and IMO opinion better) ride is the FreeBord:

    And for flat-out WTF goofyness, you can’t beat the FlowBoard:

  4. Jordan says:

    I had a hard time visualizing how one would ride this thing, so I turned to YouTube, where I was delighted to find a whole pile of videos of it in action. It looks fun!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know the sales rep over at the WAVE and they seem to have done incredibly well marketing these things to middle school kids through PE (physical education class) where they demonstrate the board and then give two away… a week later, and every kid on the block has one. Reminds me of the Simpsons yoyo episode. Cheers to the new blog – FeintNate

  6. jentink says:

    I bought one of these for my sons not last Christmas, but the Christmas before. Seems to have taken awhile to catch on…

    The design is good except for the rear wheel – They need a much harder compound wheel back there. Because all your mobility has to do with snaking the rear-end, the wheel gets hosed very quickly. I’ve used street hockey wheels as replacements, with similar results.

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