Bauhaus-Inspired Gift Kodak No. 1A

Image: Rick SolowayRick Soloway has just uploaded these images of the gorgeous Gift Kodak No. 1A. He writes:
This is the lovely and hard to find Gift Kodak No. 1A that was made for only one year 1930-31. The Bauhaus-like motif is repeated on the camera and the enamel and metal inlay on the wooden box. While this camera was produced during Walter Dorwin Teague's tenure at Kodak as a consultant/designer, we have not been able to locate drawings or signed designs to confirm this camera as one of his. Definitely maybe. Very hard to find, and very pricey. This camera belongs to a friend of mine with disposable income.
Another 1A Gift Kodak was sold for an unknown price by this fellow; his picture shows the motif is repeated inside on the lens housing. f_kodak_gift [Flickr via m, appeal. via Monoscope]
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3 Responses to Bauhaus-Inspired Gift Kodak No. 1A

  1. Anonymous says:

    A signed design patent for the front shutter cover of the Gift Kodak No. 1A by Walter Teague exists, but the box motif still remains a mystery, although everyone believes that it’s Teagues work. Rick Soloway

  2. Anonymous says:

    I actually have one of these cameras. I found it in my great aunt’s basement years ago. The box is missing and the strap is broken, though. How much would it be worth? Just curious.

  3. Patrick Dodds says:

    That’s beautiful!

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