Griffin Technology iPhone Headphone Adapter

Jeff Gates writes:
Joel, I noticed you posted a link for the Belkin iPhone headphone adapter yesterday. I've been in contact with Griffin as I was waiting for theirs. And it's now for sale on their site (starting today!). They show both the black and white model but they are only selling the black one right now (I've contacted them to make that clear on the site).
Griffin is selling theirs for $10, plus shipping, putting it in the $13 range. That's not too bad as these things go, but I'm still too cheap to miss with it, not only because I think it's too expensive, but because it's one more thing to lose. (Yes, I'm that guy that will drop $600 on a phone, but not $13 on an accessory.) Besides, what I'm really looking for is something that adds an extra line with a microphone, so that I can use any set of headphones I wish—iPod headphones don't even stay in my ears when I'm sitting still, let alone moving—along with the phone functions. I'd maybe pay $13 for that. Here's what I did to my headphones to get them into the iPhone's goofy little headphone jack: trimmed the outside plastic with a box knife, then sealed the whole mess up with a tiny piece of heat shrink tubing. Product Page []
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8 Responses to Griffin Technology iPhone Headphone Adapter

  1. tricotomy says:

    Wouldn’t it just have been simpler to have a standard headphone jack in all apple products? This is why I won’t be getting an iPhone when o2 starts selling them in November in the UK. I would want to use it with my Etymotic noise canceling earbuds but not with an adapter. Sorry Apple, you screwed up again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should check out the Rivet Headset for the iPhone.

    It has fitted earbuds, an inline mic, an answer/end button (I think that is huge) and it has a cool looping chord design where it goes over your head and then into your ears (this prevents you from yanking them out by accident)

  3. Josh Bancroft says:

    Shure has announced an iPhone adapter that has an inline microphone, so you can use it for phone calls (like the OEM iPhone buds):

    It’s listed in the Apple Store as shipping in “2 to 3 months”, and lists for $39.

    Thanks for the tip on the Shuffle Sports Case, Phil. I’ll check that out! :-)

  4. tripone says:

    I came across this one for $5 (plus $1 shipping) while browsing other products earlier:

    I won’t personally be needing it, as I also took an x-acto to my Shure E2c’s during my initial iPhone frenzy. :)

  5. ryan says:

    I bought that Shure adapter from the Apple store online a month or so. It works quite well, especially if you have headphones with a short bit of cable, so you don’t end up with wiring all over your body.

    Unfortunately, it was like $50. Which is a bit ridiculous.

  6. devoinregress says:

    I have one of those things, free with the purchase of a device that needed one. Why Apple didn’t include one is a mystery to me and now that the iPhone needs one they will all be way to expensive.

  7. Phil Dokas says:

    Tip: buy a first generation iPod shuffle sports case that Apple made (original part number: M9758G/A). It comes with a 3″ long svelte white (no branding at all) headphone adapter that fits absolutely perfectly into the iPhone’s headphone slot.

    Cost you about $2 on eBay for the whole kit. I’ve done this and it’s been a fantastic setup for my phone. Cable is still in great condition after two months so it seems to be perfectly durable.

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