Smart New Speedometer Concept from Johnson Controls

As Core77 points out, the way this concept dashboard from Johnson Controls presents the speedometer is sort of hurdurrringly obvious:
While the bulk of the dashboard is ho-hum, at least one new detail is worth looking at, the speedometer gauge. While the gauge to the left of it has the conventional center-mounted needle, the large gauge has a "ring pointer," where the pointer is a graphic on a clear, rotating ring. This simple design innovation frees up the center of the dial so you can display more information.
They could also have the indicator locked to the twelve-o'clock position with the numbers themselves rotating, although it would probably be a little more difficult to visually parse the spaces between the hash marks. What a difference a gauge makes [Core77]
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9 Responses to Smart New Speedometer Concept from Johnson Controls

  1. Anonymous says:

    > What’s really the point, when a “gauge” could be
    > displayed on a ruggedized LCD? Or even just the
    > numbers on a 7 segment display?

    Because a mechanical pointer looks about 1,000,000x better than an LCD graphic, and we all know that style sells automobiles!
    As for using a 7-seg display, there has been various research to suggest that the human brain is far more adept at interpreting “angular” information presented by a a pointer over a scale as it is at interpreting ever-changing numbers.

  2. jhoug says:

    Locking the indicator and having the data move is a bad idea — our brains parse the moving pointer much faster and better.

  3. The Rabbit Ambulance says:

    What’s new about this? My step-father’s Mercedes does this, and that car is over two years old (granted it doesn’t use the display in the middle for GPS data).

  4. Sparrowhawk says:

    What’s really the point, when a “gauge” could be displayed on a ruggedized LCD? Or even just the numbers on a 7 segment display? I mean, is there really any benefit to keeping the mechanical rotating needle, when even large commercial airliners (where safety, durability, and latency/draw times count!) have “glass cockpit” digital gauges?

  5. diluded000 says:

    I wonder why a transparent gauge needle with an orange tip wouldn’t work? But I suppose I’m just old fashion about gauges, or is it steampunk?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Chrysler Pacifica was the first car that I’d seen with the GPS display in the center of the speedometer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This may be a way to fit more into less but when you get right down to it, nothings changed.
    Driving is hard enough for a lot of people with just the normal needle-to-number.

  8. Dave says:

    Chrysler’s Pacificas have the same setup, and also use the center space inside the dial for Navigation. Family member has one, works pretty well.

  9. Nicholas Weaver says:

    Its hardly new.

    I was in Finland, and a lot of the taxis are E-class mercedes, which use this exact style of spedometer, complete with display in the middle for stereo and other information.

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