Official Star Wars Lightsaber Simulation Coming to the Wii

It took about a year longer than it should, but LucasArts today announced the version of the upcoming game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in coming to the Nintendo Wii—with an exclusive lightsaber-simulating "Duel Mode."
LucasArts today revealed that Star Wars™: The Force Unleashed™ will come to the Wii™ home videogame system from Nintendo next spring, offering owners the unique chance to live out their Jedi fantasies by wielding the Wii Remote™ as a lightsaber while using the Nunchuk™ controller to torment foes with their Force™ powers.
Yes, they really used all those trademarks. LucasArts Unleashes The Force On The Wii [Kotaku]
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6 Responses to Official Star Wars Lightsaber Simulation Coming to the Wii

  1. Tubman says:

    So Nintendo isn’t a trademark?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d the same thought …
    A wonder that they didn’t trademarked Jedi as well.

  3. Eris Siva says:

    Finally! This is going to be a must-buy for the “Duel Mode” alone.

  4. The Hungry Ghost says:

    after a bad day at work this has totally cheered me up. Now all I need is to be frozen in Carbonite until spring :)

  5. Jason says:

    I am totally confused as to how “Nunchuck” can be TM and Jedi is not. WTF.

    Plus, I don’t care if that guy has a Lightsaber ™, that Battleship(tm) is gonna make a pancake ™ out of his ass.

  6. Thud says:

    From the day I had my Wii, this is what I’ve been waiting for…

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