Working Pop-Up Lamp Book by Tekeshi Ishiguru

For some reason I can't find a price on the Artecnica catalog page for these "Book of Lights" pop-up lamps from Takeshi Ishiguru, but I'm sure they're well out of my price range anyway. Nevertheless, as I share the nearly universal affinity for pop-up books, I am desirous of them all the same. The lamps actually work, powered by an LED (that needs an external adapter). Catalog Page [ via Treehugger via Shedworking]
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3 Responses to Working Pop-Up Lamp Book by Tekeshi Ishiguru

  1. Tubman says:

    They’re $95, apparently. Seems like a very nice idea, although I’m not going to part with any cash unless I can see how much uglier the power cable makes it.

  2. alexjohnson says:

    Um, that’s Shedworking (without the ‘r’), the only daily updated guide to the lifestyles of shedworkers and those who work in shedlike atmospheres. The book ‘Shedworking’ will be published in July 2008 by The Friday Project. But the link is right –

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