DYMO Disc Painter: Full-Color CD and DVD Printing

Last evening was the "Holiday Spectacular," a press-only meet-and-greet event for consumer tech folks, primarily existing as a place to schmooze over free booze with your other journo friends, avoid the Creepy Bat-Santas among the rest*, and flirt with cute PR girls who are paid to laugh at your jokes. I hate these events in theory, but find myself irresistibly drawn to them, if only to bask in a momentary fantasy land where I can be cooler than almost everyone in the room by simply refusing to wear a string of plastic Mardi Gras beads. Most of the products on display at these things aren't new; that's okay, since the majority of the press there are from mainstream, non-tech-oriented outlets. They rightly don't care if something's been on the shelves for a while. But for the cream scrapers, it's common to find absolutely zero new products worth talking about, leaving one free to chat to PR people and wheedle out rumors like, "there's a 75% chance an upcoming version of the Microsoft Zune will support wireless headphones." A wisp, I know, but you take what you can get. My point, now that I've completely overcharged it, is that this "Disc Painter" printer from DYMO was actually pretty great, capable of printing near-professional-looking graphics on any given printable CD or DVD in just a couple of minutes using their "RadialPrint" spinning technology. It'll be out next month for $280 and will come with enough ink to print about a hundred discs. The ink replacement, in typical printer company fashion, will be available only from DYMO for $30 a pop, per color. That means I won't be buying one of these until the cost of the printer is cheaper than the cost of a set of replacement ink. That day will come sooner than later, I suspect. They really did print nice discs, though. As my videographer friend Richard remarked, a nicely-printed disc is about the only thing that was keeping his DVD submissions from looking completely professional, making the Disc Painter the "last piece" in his rig. Teaser Page [Global.Dymo.com] * And boy are there a bunch of creepy tech journos; we are a race whose inevitable end seems to be a deflated morlock posture weighed down by too-large pockets filled with gizmos, with wild ivory hair and skin to match.
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9 Responses to DYMO Disc Painter: Full-Color CD and DVD Printing

  1. The Hungry Ghost says:

    So how does this differ from my Cannon printer that has a tray that takes a printable DVD or CD, and can print high quality images onto the disk?
    The printer was cheaper, and can print on more than just DVDs.

  2. Jack says:

    I assume the difference is that DYMO doesn’t make disposable products. I have one of their thermal label printers and it’s outlasted tons of cheap-o ink-jets.

  3. cardinale says:

    Yes, but this is a inkjet…so I dont see any reason not to buy a Epson/Canon that prints directly onto CDs for a third the cost. You are going to get screwed on the ink no matter what…so you might as well have the option of picking up ink locally in a pinch, which would probably not be an option with this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are incorrect in stating that the ink cost is $30 per color. The Disc Painter uses a single tri-color cartridge, so if the ink cost is $30, it is $30 for all three colors.

  5. widgetmaker says:

    I’ve seen this little printer in action at work. It’s small and portable. Uses USB 2 and a brick power supply. I suspect that the $280 price tag will drop after a while to $199. The tri-ink cartridge does indeed print over 100 discs unless you print with lots of dark backgrounds. The unit has several choices for level of quality. It does plain text in way under a minute. Like any printer, the nicer the image the longer the wait. Personally, who cares about the picture quality all that much. If you have an 300dpi picture of a Led Zepplin album cover on the disc you know what it is. 600dpi doesn’t tell you much more. I’d rather save the extra minute of wait time for most artwork. For photo albums, you would put 10 or so thumbnails of the trip/wedding/party, or whatever it was. No sense using 600dpi for thumbnails. They’d be easily recognizable at 300dpi. If you’re trying to impress your girlfriend, well, use 600dpi. I think small rock bands and home businesses are going to love it’s portability and ability to crank out 10 discs of their latest demo disc in 10 or 15 minutes. The DiscPainter Interface software is fairly intuitive. Have your company buy it for your department and save the $280. It’s portable don’t forget.

  6. Mogul says:

    All I ask is to have the ability to label my CDs with professional looking results. Too much to ask you say? Not any more.
    Finally, a way to print professional quality CD labels! I am soooooo tired of trying to label CDs with Mickey Mouse printer trays that feed the CDs into the printer when they feel like it. I am soooo tired of the printer trays leaving scratches on my CDs.
    The Disc Painter is super fast and very easy to use. In fact, my 8 y/o daughter uses it for her own important “projects”. Now whenever I burn anything on a disk, I use the Disc Painter to slap a nice label on it. Labeling is no longer the project it once was.

  7. Sandy says:

    I saw that machine at one of the conventions i was at. It was a cute little thing. It was soo easy… my gosh…and the price was great. i was thinking it would be the sweetest present for my son …whose into “his band stage”…and i just know that he would love to print his bands picture right on the cover. The quality is amazing because the nice people demoing the machine let me keep one of the cds. — Can’t wait to get it !!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was interested in the comments posted, particularly the reference to cost. I tried to purchase one of these printers on-line from the USA because the cost here in the UK is around £245,(GB pounds) unless it has dropped recently. Surprise surprise, US sellers cannot ship to the UK as this is forbidden by the manufacturer! The best price I saw was from Tiger Direct, Canada, at $199can. They also cannot ship to the UK!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yep; I concur. I’ve been trying to buy one of these babies since October (2008) and you just can’t get them in the UK. I shall personally be writing to the President Elect Barak Obama about this unjustified embargo.


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