Hussein Chalayan's Amazing Transforming Dresses

Hussein Chalayan's latest collection of dresses incorporate servos and pulleys to transform the shape of the clothing in subtle, ethereal ways. There's no real practicality to these bits, just able showmanship and technical chops. There is nudity in the last few seconds of the clip, but as it is in the service of perhaps the best piece in the show, pop your head out of the cubicle and make sure you're clear. It's worth it. (But really, when isn't nudity worth it?) [via Brandish]
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3 Responses to Hussein Chalayan's Amazing Transforming Dresses

  1. Vardyr says:

    YouTube pulled the linked video for some reason, but I managed to find another video of the fashion show.

  2. welmoed says:

    Rats; YouTube pulled the video! I managed to see it, though, and it truly is astonishing work. I’d love to see the engineering drawings for those clothes — especially the morphing hat that goes from a wide-brimmed spectator hat to a skull-hugging cloche!

  3. Owen says:

    By the way, for those of us reading you in Bloglines and the like, please include a link directly to the YouTube (or whatever) page, since the embedded video doesn’t show up in the aggregator. Thanks!

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