Run Athletics Legacy x Nintendo Sneakers (Plus Party)

Run Athletics (a shoe company) and Nintendo have teamed up to release this pair of sneakers emblazoned with the Mario Bros. "M" on the tongue and a Power Star motif on the side. I see no price. (Probably a couple hundred, but I'm just guessing.) Nintendo is throwing a launch party for the shoes at New York's Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Place. (Or "10 Rock," as absolutely no one in New York calls it.) Although I'm sure the September 25th party will fill up as soon as the Nintendorks catch wind, for now it looks like you can RSVP for the event with just an email. Pity about their fuck-ugliness. Maybe white laces would help? Run Athletics Legacy x Nintendo Launch Party []
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2 Responses to Run Athletics Legacy x Nintendo Sneakers (Plus Party)

  1. A New Challenger says:

    I have a few Nintendo branded clothing items, but generally speaking I prefer to spend my gaming money on actual games. Also, adult t-shirts with crap on them have been generally acceptable in public for a number of years, shoes not so much.

    I have a sweet Mario Kart clock radio, though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Run Athletics is owned by Russel Simmons of RUN DMC.

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