Gadget Glyphs Guide

Wired has a short piece up explaining what some of the symbols that appear on your electronics mean. I've reproduced all eight from the article here sans description. If you can tell what all of them are, then you have no need to read the article. Otherwise... Secrets Revealed! Decode Those Weird Symbols on Consumer Electronics. [Wired]
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3 Responses to Gadget Glyphs Guide

  1. travelina says:

    Here’s another quiz: what omnipresent tech symbol is identified in different countries by the following names: monkey, little mouse, strudel, maggot, elephant’s trunk, crazy, and snail?

  2. Thud says:

    Thought I did pretty well… The top right, lower left and UR got me tho’.

    For more fun with international symbols, build your own ANSI sign:

  3. Latente says:

    the first is European Community or China Export?

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