Vox Amplug Headphone Guitar Amps

Vox is releasing a range of modestly-sized guitar headphone amps, each of which are designed to simulate one of three classic amps: the AC30; the Marshall; and the Mesa Boogie (probably). The "cabinet" designs, however, are all based on the AC30. The copy for the Amplugs is a little over the top, as Music Thing points out:
Incidentally, what is it with copywriters for music gear companies? They claim: "amPlug perfectly reproduces the complex and warm distortion that is distinctive of a vacuum tube... amPlug delivers full-fledged amp sound that will revolutionize your guitar playing." Both of these claims are clearly lies (the 'perfectly reproduces' and the 'revolutionize your guitar playing' bits). What was wrong with: "Sounds OK, looks OK, costs £35, what's not to like?"
If you don't know why you'd need something like this, you've never had to buy a gift for a roommate with rock star pretensions. (They make practicing simple and quiet.) Product Page [Voxamps.co.uk via Music Thing]
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3 Responses to Vox Amplug Headphone Guitar Amps

  1. Anonymous says:

    yet another reason to stop playing a strat ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have the AC 30 amplug and it fits my strat jack properly. And it does manage to sound quite Vox-ish, warm, chimey and with a surprising amount of bass… all in all, a rather fun toy to have…

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