Pink Shotgun from Remington

Some might give you some speech about how making guns seem more like toys—painting them pink like this Remington 870 shotgun, for instance—might cause our kids to not give them the respect they deserve. Not me! The more pre-teen girls who know how to shoot a shotgun the better, I say. They grow up into women who know how to shoot a gun—and there's nothing hotter. Only $370 after rebate. Pink shells probably not included. Product Page [ (for local people) via Gizmodo]
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6 Responses to Pink Shotgun from Remington

  1. edgore says:

    So, after spending a few years making toy guns in bright colors so that cops don’t shoot kids with realizstic looking toy guns by accident, we are now going to make real guns that look like toys. There is something wrong this this picture.

    Especially since I STILL won’t be able to get a realistic looking light pistol to play House of the Dead with…

  2. Funkenstein says:

    @ EDGORE: Ummm, that scatter gun looks nothing like a toy.

    They’ve been making colored stocks like this for years. Sometimes they’re even rainbow colored but no one claimed they were being marketed towards homosexual hunters.

    Would you still call a woman target shooter a marksman?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This gives all new meaning to the phrase “Lady remington.”

    — C

  4. Freddie Freelance says:

    You could do that with any gun by using DuraCoat Firearm Finishes. You have color choices like “Pink Lady,” “Rose” (a dark pink), “Lavender,” “Cherry,” or “O’Sherbert” Orange. Or you can choose camoflage options like Bengal Tiger or Diamond Plate in any combination of colors you like.

  5. Ninth Stage says:

    This is just like most consumer products out there – more options to match your personal esthetic. Remember more choices are a “good”. There is nothing sinister here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mistaking this gun for a toy is most likely done by an idiot. I say this not to start name-calling but to point out that many people are anti-gun because of ignorance. Go to a range. Learn to shoot. Understand our existence here in the US was born by men toting guns, defending their rights and property. Most people who can’t defend themselves have no problem calling the police to bring their guns. Educate yourself and cut out the middleman. It’s your right as a citizen of this great nation to have freedom, to vote, or own a gun.

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