QUIDs: Loose Change for Zero-G Pockets


It’s all a goofy-ass gimmick to promote a foreign exchange company, but a group of “scientists” has developed QUIDs—Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denominations—rounded polymer chits to be used for transactions “in space.”

“None of the existing payment systems we use on earth – like cash, credit or debit cards – could be used in space,” said Professor George Fraser from the University of Leicester.
“Anything with sharp edges, like coins, would be a risk to astronauts while the chips and magnetic strips used in our cards on Earth would be damaged beyond repair by cosmic radiation,” he added. … “In the fullness of time we will have to adopt a universal currency if we are going to carry out serious commerce in space. It’s an interesting initiative.”

[Redacted] said: “It’s only a matter of time before people will be walking up to our shops and asking for Quids for their two weeks in a space hotel.”

Before QUIDs all the astronauts on Mir had to wash out Russian food tubes to get a hot meal. I’m sure a pocket full of QUIDs would be worth the several thousand dollars in fuel expenses.

New currency for space travellers [BBC] (Thanks, Sandra!)

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6 Responses to QUIDs: Loose Change for Zero-G Pockets

  1. Umbriel says:

    My magnetic strips get screwed up enough just from use, so I’ll allow that non-lethal doses of radiation might be a problem for them. I’ve never cut myself on a coin edge either, but small, conductive bits floating around a space station might well cause trouble…

    But I’ll testify for Skep in the trial over unauthorized use of his/her revolutionary “folding money” concept. ;)

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    I’ll wager 20 Quatloons on the newcomer…

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    Kind of like Swatch’s “Internet Time” thing: would be daffy but charming coming from a well-meaning individual; not so much when it’s used as a marketing gimmick by a corporation.

  4. dculberson says:

    Those Marianas Trench dogs are amazing. I want one. mmmmm.

  5. Skep says:

    Yeah, these are soooo much better than light weight paper style currency printed on Tyveck-like polymers…

    How did they get the BBC to fall for this stupid press release?

  6. Tubman says:

    They did it by getting the director of Leicester University’s Space Research Centre to spout a few lines of bullshit and forgetting to mention that the cosmic rays which will fuck up your Amex will fuck you up a whole lot more permanently.

    I imagine we can soon look forward to press releases about currencies tailor-made for the requirements of that hot-dog stand at the bottom of the Marianas trench and the Starbucks inside the magma chamber at Kilauea.

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