Nintendo Wii Wedding Cakes

My friend Adam recently got hitched. He had two cakes at the wedding: a traditional (and lovely) cake topped with his-and-her icons of the couple-to-be rendered as Mii avatars; and a Nintendo Wii cake for Adam's son Jasper. I checked with Adam to make sure that Jasper has a real Wii at home. He does, thank God. Otherwise the poor boy would have a cake addiction for life. Now he'll just be hooked on videogames like his parents! Adam's Photostream [Flickr]
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4 Responses to Nintendo Wii Wedding Cakes

  1. GeekAlerts says:

    I agree Edgore, what a lovely idea!

  2. A New Challenger says:

    And this one is actually edible, unlike that Martha Stewart travesty.

    My mom made a Mario cake for my 4th birthday. It’s been downhill ever since.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great cake! Love the Miis! Joel, please tell Adam that he should register his Wii at – after the honeymoon of course!

  4. edgore says:

    The Mii cake toppers are totally awesome.

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