Video: Fuckzilla at Arse Elektronika

While there isn't any real human nudity in this video, I think the shrieks and wails of a woman being brought to orgasm but a Johnny 5-inspired robot are NSFW, even if the action is shot tastefully in silhouette.
So, let me introduce this... After showing off some of Fuckzilla's features, the guys presenting Fuckzilla jokingly asked the audience "so, who wants to fuck a robot?" Looooong silence, followed by a "sure, why not." A young woman who called herself 'Binx' agreed to experience Fuckzilla firsthand while providing running commentary. The robot was lubed up, Binx got herself ready, and... Well... Yeah. Note that due to government regulations, we're not allowed to show Binx's face (which is why she's behind the curtain).
I bet she was a plant. If not she's my hero—it takes big balls to make your first time doing a robot a public event. (So to speak.) Arse Elektronika 2007: F**king Robots [] Update: My friend Sam writes:
My housemate Ian works at Kink and was one of the technicians who fucked the lady with the robot and modified sawzall. [Editor's Note: sawzall!] She was a genuine volunteer; Jake won ten bucks actually, betting that he would be able to find one. Later he received a completely hilarious email, containing among other gems the immortal words "Dude, you just fucked my girlfriend. With a robot."
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13 Responses to Video: Fuckzilla at Arse Elektronika

  1. Anais80 says:

    Besides that saw there are 24 other machines on this site. Including a Fleshlight Adapter, and if you don’t know what a fleshlight is you should.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a link to the video ;) How long will it last ?

  3. Ariel Waldman says:

    The video has been taken down by YouTube. Any alternative providers?

  4. Skep says:

    “I bet she was a plant. If not she’s my hero—it takes big balls to make your first time doing a robot a public event. (So to speak.)”

    Well, yes. The presenters would be idiots to predicate the success of an entire live presentation on audience members volunteering and enjoying themselves.

  5. cautionyou says:

    Mod Converter can convert the .mod files recorded by most popular digital camcorders.

  6. License Farm says:

    Now where can one find the video shot from the opposite side of the sheet?

  7. Anonymous says:

    She wasn’t a plant and she was totally hot.

  8. qDot says:

    Here’s video from the Moaning Lisa presentation at Arse Elektronika:

  9. Anonymous says:

    there are some other clips (eventough not the full show) from the show posted here:

  10. Anonymous says:

    You can buy vibrator attachments for sawzalls off the shelf.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s online on


  12. Halloween Jack says:

    Wired’s article ( has a shot of the hot hot machine-on-Binx action.

  13. nex says:

    Please, bbers, contact the Arse folks and ask them to send you a high-quality version of the video so you can host it on bb-tv. I’m sure they’ll agree.

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