Replica AirWolf Helmet with Working "Speed Visor"

This replica helmet based on those seen in the '80s network series AirWolf has a "fully-functional Speed Visor," as well as an "LED targeting bar" and some other stuff, like five switches to boost up to Over-Awesome. It's available on eBay right now for $900. Relatedly, I have a message for Geraint Wyn Davies. If you are not Geraint Wyn Davies, you may leave the post. Mr. Wyn Davies, I knew Ernie Borgnine. I flew sorties in Korea while blotto on stinkum with Ernine Borgnine. You, sir, are no Ernie Borgnine. Airwolf pilot helmet fully functional [eBay via Oh Gizmo via UberReview
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6 Responses to Replica AirWolf Helmet with Working "Speed Visor"

  1. Reverend Jones says:

    The tinted plastic front that you look through is called the visor. This retracts upward into the helmet. On the model with the speed visor, the visor retracts electrically at the push of a button. Here is a video of it in operation:

  2. dculberson says:

    What’s a speed visor?

  3. Reverend Jones says:

    Maker of the Airwolf replica helmets:

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    Those tiny cases from Pelican are awesome in their own right as well.

  5. JJT says:

    Now that I have seen this, I cannot get the Airwolf theme out of my head. Thanks Joel!

    Damn you, Archangel. Damn you!

  6. SurgeFilter says:

    You may also like to know that they’ve also just released the digitally-remastered, iconic soundtrack for this series.

    Who can forget that wonderful theme tune for the Airwolf TV show?

    It’s been released for digital downloads via and later in January 2008 via Apple iTunes Store.

    You can find full details also at the official website:

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