Samsung SGH-i450: Music Phone with a Slide-Out Speaker

The front of the new Samsung SGH-i450 slides down to reveal both a touchwheel-controlled music interface and an honest-to-god speaker. I think the way the on-screen UI complements the arc of the physical speaker is really nice. It's only for Europe (along with some other sharp models), so it's no immediate threat, but I can't decide what would be worse: listening to guys on the subway blasting their music out of tinny, clipping cell phones—this already happens—or listening to their music out of higher quality speakers at a higher volume. They'd probably just turn them up until even the better speakers clipped. Samsung's musicphone lineup ready for Europe [Engadget]
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2 Responses to Samsung SGH-i450: Music Phone with a Slide-Out Speaker

  1. Anonymous says:

    I always feel kind of sorry for these people who it seems cannot afford a pair of headphones.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh God No.
    Whilst I love having speakerphone on my mobile, this is only going to encourage more kids on busses to play the whole world their music. It’s already a plague.

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