Minimalist Gadgets (That Aren't from Apple)

Oobject's latest gallery is classy by design: "21 non-Apple minimalist gadgets." So is this post. 21 non apple minimalist gadgets [Oobject]
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2 Responses to Minimalist Gadgets (That Aren't from Apple)

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    I was intrigued by the “zero bike”, particularly because the tires look like they would be instantly flattened if the bike was mounted by anyone heavier than one of Lance Armstrong’s thighs. So I took a closer look at the print:

    Powered by cranking the pedals, the magnets suspend the tires between them, assuming future advances in magnetic superconductivity.


  2. TwoShort says:

    The “zero bike” cannot be built with current technology. Further, it retains the riding position of current racing bikes while violating the very regulations that are the only reason current racing bikes retain that racing position. It’s a nice drawing; but not a gadget at all.

    The other bike on their list is sweet minimalist glory (minus some reservations about breakless fixes with platform pedals; that’s easily correctable), but it’s not exactly their design; everybody and their brother is riding bikes like that now. I hesitate to ask the price for their “hand built” version of the same thing I converted a dumpster bike to for 50 bucks.

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