Zippo Hand Warmer

This hand warmer from Zippo uses a platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner to produce heat from lighter fluid without a flame for up to 24 hours. Except for the burners which have to be replaced (perhaps every 24 hours; I'm not able to tell from the website) the whole thing is reusable. It's even claimed to be low odor so you won't scare off your quarry when hunting. It's my belief that if God hadn't wanted us to stay warm while hunting deer he wouldn't have put deer stands in flammable trees. A forest in flames will cause the deer to run—right into the busy highway. It's a convoluted system, perhaps, but lighter fluid is cheaper than bullets. Product Page [ via Oh Gizmo!]
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6 Responses to Zippo Hand Warmer

  1. Harrkev says:

    This appears to be a copy (rip-off) of the John-E handwarmers that have been around for decades. These things are safe (assuming that they work exactly like the John-E versions), and you can even tuck one in an inside pocket of your jacket to keep your innards heated.

    Unfortunately, John-E is rather behind the times and does not appear to even have a web site, but you can buy their stuff from places like Sportsmans Warehouse and Cabelas.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Zippo version is indeed based on the Jon-e handwarmer’s platinum catalyst. However, it uses the fuel much more efficiently than the Jon-E version, since there is no open-air vent in the catalyst element. Instead, the platinum catalyst is applied to a cotton-like batting which completely covers the opening. Fuel lasts longer. It also smells less. Heat is also not as intense as some might recall the old Jon-e getting, but still quite warm.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have had a Peacock Hand warmer given to me by my Dad some 14 years ago. They do have a website:

    He had an old one in his top dresser drawer that intrigued me as a kid. It works great and the burner on mine has never needed to be replaced.

  4. stevew says:

    When it is so cold out that you cry from the pain as your hands and feet warm up, one of these is most welcome. 1962, Vermont -40 F, and if your car wasn’t plugged in overnight it wouldn’t start in the morning. Zippo definitely didn’t make them then and their current product is about twice the price other brands. They do make good product.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I used a handwarmer similar to this when I was in the Army, and was spending long periods outdoors in the cold and wet. They are fantastic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to be a deerhunter in a tree stand to use these; you could be at a football game, for instance. And wouldnt the deer smell it?

    Anyway, these have been around in one form or another for decades, this is actually older tech. Newer technologies for this market exist; the microwave heatable, the exothermic chemical reaction “squeeze and heat” types, but this sort with the lighter fluid is older.

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