The Back-Up Bed-Mounted Gun Rack

The "Back-Up" is a gun rack for your bed, making it possible to conceal a handy shotgun alongside the mattress. Perfect for dealing with home intruders or kinky Army of Darkness fantasy play. Only $40, plus shipping and handling. Down-filled shells not included. Product Page [ via Crunchgear via Uberreview via Coolest-Gadgets]
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19 Responses to The Back-Up Bed-Mounted Gun Rack

  1. Elvis Gump says:

    I guess this would make someone think twice about eating crackers in bed?

  2. Sorcerer Mickey says:

    Follow the link to their homepage and you find this sentence:


    “Barrell”? “Prtection” Is this perhaps some subtle method of reaching out to connect with the intended… um, target… market?

  3. Anonymous says:

    There can be valid reasons to own a gun. For example, my property has fresh water and game, and while I am mostly carnivorous I would rather not sponsor or participate in the atrocities of factory meat. So, I hunt, killing mature animals as humanely as possible. This is far more of a morally neutral act than eating at McDonald’s — read “Fast Food Nation” for more information.

    If one owns a gun, one has a responsibility to prevent misuse of the weapon. One of the hardest things to do is protect your gun from misuse while you are sleeping.

    Following the principle of separate storage, you can lock your ammunition in a secure store in your master bedroom, and hide your gun within your bed. How is that “scary”? How is that “irresponsible”?

    SteveW, I think you are spending WAY too much time at the Fear Monger’s Shoppe.

  4. Tubman says:

    @Twoshort: I haven’t looked up these kinds of gun stats for a few years, but your factoid about it being more likely for gun-ownership to cause the accidental death of a family member than deter an intruder seems pretty implausible.

    Accidental gun deaths in the US are measured on a scale of hundreds, while attempted burglaries while the house is occupied are in the tens of thousands. Given the level of gun ownership in the US, it seems statistically unlikely that only a tiny fraction of those attempts were foiled by the presence of a firearm.

    Got a source?

  5. tracman49 says:

    Guns are designed to shoot, they shoot whatever I aim…if I pull the triger…I hunt..have for years..will continue until I am not able.

    Now, if you crybabies need self protection..and think you can wait on the police…think only takes a few seconds to take a life..either yours or the bad the deed is is done..I chose to own and use guns responsibly…and I will protect you if you do not have the ability or the weapson to do so…the bed just one way to store a ready gun. but let me say from experience, if I have to find the the dark..under duress..I will lose…every gun I have “on the ready” is locked and loaded ready to protect my family…but they are in biometric safes within very easy reach…I respect your right not to have guns..respect my right to have guns..

  6. jszpila says:

    #8/Anonymous: well said.

    Also: I don’t know if this comes as a surprise to anyone, but people sleep with guns next to their beds all the time, regardless of fancy racks. I feel I should also add that, believe it or not, most of these people have not inadvertently killed their children/spouses, and maybe, just *maybe*, have successfully defended their homes with them. Who’d have thought?!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The chance that you will ever be in a situation where a gun makes you safer is just incredibly remote. This assumes you live in the US, and aren’t employed in the military, law enforcement, or some violent criminal enterprise.

    Do you want to call and explain the inlaws that the reason that you couldn’t protect your wife from a home invasion attack was because you thought the odds that it would happen were “incredibly remote”?

    Two years ago my fiance was home alone in our aparment when two men tried to break in, she got the phone, called 9-1-1, and got the loaded 12 gauge out of the gun cabinet. The two men were coming down the hallway towards the bedroom when she step out and leveled the shotgun at them, they took off. The police arrived 8 minutes later, the men were never caught as far as we know. When seconds count the police are only minutes away…we lived in an apartment complex in a college town in north-western West Virginia not some crime ridden major coastal city, not a war zone. Don’t tell me that I can’t have a gun to make my family safer, if you support the right to bear arms…try reading it again before you sound like a hippocrit.

  8. Sick of this crap says:

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    Whl ‘m fn f shtgns, kp mn n th sf. kp HK P2000 n my nghtstnd nd my wf kps CZ P-01 n hrs, kp Glck 21 n th drssr.
    ll y bdwttrs shld gt sm hlp.

  9. TwoShort says:

    @Tubman: I do not have sources handy as I too have not looked the stuff up in several years. I’ll further confess I’ve somewhat misstated the case. The take-away conclusion I derived the last time I looked into it was that gun ownership was a net safety negative.

    Attempted burglaries while the house is occupied would presumably include burglars who fled upon simply learning the house was occupied. My interest would be in attempted home-invasion-murders only; which are not so common. On the other side of the equation I would include crimes of passion that would not have been lethal without a gun available, thought that is hard to estimate.

    I have owned guns. There are good reasons to own guns that may well be worth the small, containable, safety risk owning guns present. But as far as I can tell, safety is not itself a reason to own a gun. The chance that you will ever be in a situation where a gun makes you safer is just incredibly remote. This assumes you live in the US, and aren’t employed in the military, law enforcement, or some violent criminal enterprise.

  10. stevew says:

    Somehow this just seems to be a really, really bad idea. What, is there a special discount deal on at the Fear Monger’s Shoppe that I missed? No need to practice or get any training right? We see it most nights on TV. It must be easy to do, I mean, wake up and kill someone, isn’t it?
    What size shot should I use, 00 Buck? Let’s see that ought to go through 3-4 double sheet rock walls taking out the flex gas lines on the furnace and the water heater on their way into the kids bedroom. Better safe than sorry, right? It’s 30′ to one neighbors bedroom window from our bedroom sliding door, maybe I could just blow a couple rounds through his windows just to alert him to the danger over here. Go get a big kitchen knife to place in the hand of the corpse you just shot before the cops get there. Make sure to get a good set of his prints on that handle too, cause you’ll do time if you were not threatened with deadly force in most states. Repeat, it doesn’t matter that you’re scared to death (except Texas and Florida?) you need a weapon in the corpse’s possession to have used deadly force in many places or you go to jail. Check your local laws before pulling that trigger. Ask a cop. Oh, anyone know how to get dried blood out of wall to wall carpet and pad?

    The woman I’ve shared a bed with for 30 years took a single .30 caliber rifle round (messy) 29 years ago and lived. There are 18 .30 caliber pellets in each 00 Buck round. Actually, we sleep better after making love with no guns at all in the house. I’d just like a holster for the KY jelly and a couple of Kleenex, but usually we just tuck those under the pillows.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just three words are needed to illustrate why this is a bad idea:

    “What’s this, daddy?”

  12. lukki1 says:


    I actually have the backup, and I don’t care whether they were there to just rob me or not, When I cocked my gun they left!!! He was later found armed, so reguardless, my life was endangered… luckily he got scared and fled.. If I wasn’t armed, would they have just shot me, or what if they got paranoid and thought I could identify them and so they killed me “just incase”? … I’ll never know, but I know I potentially owe my life to this company.. All I had to do was grab my shotgun, I didn’t have to make any noise or anything that would have alerted the guy that I was there.. the only thing he heard in the dark was my gun…

  13. Tubman says:

    @#8: What you describe isn’t irresponsible, but what you describe has nothing to do with this product.

    To quote from the site:

    Seems reassuring enough: they talk about responsibility too. But when they talk about how it takes 12 seconds to get a gun from the corner and turn for a shot, versus 2 seconds to have access to your gun with their product, do you think they’ve factored in the time required to go get ammunition from a secure store and load it?


    “most of these people have not inadvertently killed their children/spouses”

    Those better than evens odds are certainly reassuring.

  14. Anonymous says:

    In response to the first poster –

    “Oh, anyone know how to get dried blood out of wall to wall carpet and pad?”

    Have you tried club soda? That stuff is like magic….

  15. TwoShort says:

    “… most of these people have not inadvertently killed their children/spouses, and maybe, just *maybe*, have successfully defended their homes with them.”

    Most people do neither. However, if you look up the statistics, inadvertently killing the children/spouse is vastly more common than ever having an opportunity to defend your home.

    I support the right to bear arms, but as way to make yourself safer, gun ownership is a very bad idea.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I guess the part of the FAQ about not buying a backup shotgun holder or having an unlocked loaded gun in a house that has immature people or children was missed by some.

  17. Anthony Gallardo says:

    If guns don’t make or garanty safety, then why would you call 911 and wait for someone with a gun to show up to stop the person that has either robbed you, killed you, or both. You can’t have it both ways. Guns make us, you, everyone safer by being able to defend yourself and others lives and property. Home invasions are on the rise. criminals are more active now because of gun legislation that makes it harder for law abiding citizens to own them.
    If you were a criminal intent on stealing or killing someone, would you enter a situation where it was more likely that the person you are going to assault does posses or have access to a weapon, or enter knowing that there is a high likely hood of being fired upon by the potential victim?
    Of all the places I have lived, large cities and small, I always felt more secure when there was an accessable gun available. i now live on the outskirts of a small mid-west town, that would take possibly ten minutes for police or the sheriffs department to show up in the event of an emergency. I know my home and family are secure because i own multiple weapons, have them ready, and am trained to use them. I am teaching my children that they are not toys, how to use them properly, and gun safety. They know what they can do. I have also taught them what to do in the event of an emergency, such as a burglery.
    If you believe in gun ownership and the right to bear arms, then how can you say that owning one does not make you safe and can potentially cause more harm than good. By that reasoning, owning a vehicle can cause more harm than good, because you could potentially hit some one or run them over on the street or in your own driveway. Anything can be used as a weapon. I could use the keyboard that I am using right now to hurt or kill someone. Someone could bo the same to me with it.
    Like it or not, guns are out there. They always will be. the only way to prevent further gun crimes is to remove all such weapons from the world, which I’m going to say is impossible. the other way is to let the free man/woman arm themselves and defend themselves and others if needed. We don’t live in a utopia, crime is prevalent. Everywhere.
    I applowd companies that make it easier for people to protect and defend themselves and others. While owning a gun and keeping it accessable requires training and vigilance, so does simply living. If gun ownership is restricted more or banned all together, criminals will own the land because they know no one can defend themselves.

  18. Ferry says:

    I had a criminal justice professor at my college tell me that the single best gun for home defense is a sawed off shotgun. He then explained that, while it is illegal, you cant miss, its easy to use, and small enough to fit in a good hiding spot.

    Sometimes being a forensics major is absurd

  19. David B. says:

    I wonder if Dick Cheney has two or three of these… Nothing better than a scary sleep over!

    David B.

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