Portal Weighted Companion Cube Papercraft

Once again 4Chan brings us special Portal-themed crafts, this time a lovely papercraft Weighted Companion Cube. RPS has a bigger version. I'm waiting for the plushie, which I'm told has been announced and ordered. It will pair nicely with my plush headcrab. Six Sides To Every Love Story [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]
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11 Responses to Portal Weighted Companion Cube Papercraft

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gah. I printed out this thing but I’m a bit uncertain on how to make it… Do I make the cube first and then stick on the extra things or stick the extra things then make it into a cube?

  2. Anonymous says:

    CAUTION: Mass of paper version of Weighted Companion Cube may not be sufficient to activate Aperture Science 1500-Megawatt Supercolliding Super Button.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Check it out I MADE the WCC as from the pattern above!

    Me and my Weighted Companion Cube!!

    My Portal/TF2/HL2 Blog

  4. Anonymous says:

    A great writer, in fact: Eric Wolpaw, the man behind Old Man Murray and one of the writers on Pychonauts.

  5. Ferry says:

    My guess is that the wii lacks the power to functionally render what is needed for portal. If you listen to the commentary in the game you find out that they did a huge amount of programming to get the portal system to work well ontop of the already complex source engine.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I made one and i love it!
    i even filled it with paper cement, so it is ‘wheighted’

  7. Merc says:

    It’s a very good game, but it’s short. I finished the game in one evening. On the other hand, once you finish the game, you can replay all the maps with added challenges, for example, try to do it with only 5 portals, or only 30 footsteps, or do it in 30 seconds. Another type of challenge is doing a map with a couple of changes, like the floor being off-limits and fewer boxes to use.

    The concept of the game is great, and it’s fun that it’s a true cross between a puzzle game and a shooter. You shoot portals, and on some occasions you actually have to move fairly fast, but like a puzzle game, you can mostly think about your moves before you do them, so there’s mostly no rush.

    The AI voice in the game is really clever though, they must have had a pretty good writer involved with the game to turn an otherwise simple puzzle game into something with a bit of a plot to it, and a fun enemy. I just wish the main game had been a bit longer.

  8. scaught says:

    I want to play portal. Why won’t they port it to the wii? It makes perfect sense.

  9. A New Challenger says:

    Even though the Orange Box is a great value, I’ve never played Half-Life and my PC is crap for TF2. I’m thinking about just getting Portal stand-alone off Steam because all this nonsense about the cake is driving me mad.

    Also, I hear it’s a good game.

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