Rear Vision Clothing-Mounted Bike Mirrors

While I've found rear-view bike mirrors to be only of moderate use, the "Rear Vision Activity Mirror" would at least prevent passers-by from ripping my mirrors off my bike. Besides that, though, I'm not sure that wrist-, arm-, and glove-mounted mirrors would be all that helpful, since you'd have to waggle your arm around to get them in the right position. Rear Vision [ via Gadget Lab] Product Page []
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2 Responses to Rear Vision Clothing-Mounted Bike Mirrors

  1. DanRomanchik says:

    I used to bike a lot, and I found a helmet-mounted rear-view mirror to be verrrrry useful. I can’t imagine biking without one. I do agree, though, that the wrist-, arm-, or glove-mounted mirrors would be of limited use.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. When motorcycle riding or cycling, I often change riding positions depending on the type of ride I’m doing, how long of a ride, etc. I currently don’t have a bicycle mirror, but I know that at least for a motorcycle, it’s annoying to have to move your whole body to see through the rear view (and adjusting while in motion can be tricky!). This may be a logical option.

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