Miscea Proximity-Sensing Soap-Dispensing Faucets

I adore these new faucets from Miscea, which are controlled entirely by waving your hands in the one of six control sectors to dispense water (heated to temperature displayed on a small LCD screen), soap, or "disinfectant." (Soap works just fine to clean, so you could perhaps swap that sector with a tap for beer.) They solve that age old problem of how to wash your hands without ever touching something that's been grasped by others. No idea what it costs, but consider you'll need a full retrofit of your cabinet to install the thing, I would imagine it isn't cheap. Product Page [Miscea.com via Born Rich via WowBathrooms.com]
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One Response to Miscea Proximity-Sensing Soap-Dispensing Faucets

  1. Anonymous says:

    What good are touchless washing systems when all too many public restrooms require users to use their hands to open the door on the way out?

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