The Sky Toboggan (1935)

What's not to love about this cover from the April, 1935 issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics? A fantastic logo font! Money-making plans! An amazing, completely impractical sky toboggan pitching itself towards the ground as a single passenger takes notice of the pilot's worried grimace! Nobody made the future more terrifying that Hugo Gernsback, Editor. That's why today in the tech publications business we call a death machine cover with a nice font—a jet-powered grain combine underneath a banner of Futura, say—"The Ol' Gernsback." Like most technology cover stories, that is nearly true. Sky Toboggan (1935) [Paleo-Future]
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2 Responses to The Sky Toboggan (1935)

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    It was hard to tell that it’s enclosed in a sort of plexiglass-type substance. Having it be an open framework would make more sense, because then the urine of terrified passengers wouldn’t pool on the floor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Impractical??? Full-size maybe, but I fly radio-control planes and many of the indoor electric planes have a similar layout to this design.

    I’d bet good money that it would fly…

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