MiniTISSUE Expanding Washcloth Tablet

"MiniTissues" are hydraulically compressed tablets that expand to an eight-by-ten "washcloth" (probably more of a strong Kleenex) when hit with a little water. They're marketed as a way to store clean, contaminant-free tissues easily in a purse or pocket. You can buy 96 of them next month for $13, plus shipping. I can't wait to use one. They're like those pills you could put in water that would expand into dinosaurs. Catalog Page [ via Oh Gizmo]
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6 Responses to MiniTISSUE Expanding Washcloth Tablet

  1. Hello Fitchburg says:

    I wonder how often these would be mistaken for mints…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have the exact same thing, except mine are called tow-tabs, and have a small but noticeable warning on the side to NOT ingest them, hopefully keeping down mint-confusion incidents.

    I went through an entire roll in the space of a half-hour just throwing the things in a glass of water and watching them expand. They’re the consistency of a very thin cloth, a fair bit more robust than a tissue. Tons of fun.


  3. i0i says:

    Why stop at tissues. How about emergency expanding underpants and socks…
    On second thoughts, it would have to be a pretty extreme emergency that required a damp rehydrated pair of underpants in preference to no underpants. ditto for socks. scrub that idea.

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    I wonder if a little spit would suffice? Because, unless you had bottled water handy, you’d most likely use something like this where you didn’t have access to running water.

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    You can buy, at almost any Dollar Tree store, compressed towels.

    I bought a dozen of them one year as stocking stuffers. I kept one for myself and tried it out. Compressed, they’re about the size of two Oreo cookies stacked up. Expanded, they’re a little bigger than a washcloth and decorated with kiddie designs.

    In addition to compression, there’s some glue-like binder involved. You want to give them a good rinse before use.

    They cost, um, a dollar.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You could eat these and then never need to wipe again.

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