Suzuki Biplane Concept: Motorcycle, Not Aeroplane

Jalopnik is at the Tokyo Auto Show and snapped a few pictures of this fantastic Suzuki "Biplane" motorcycle concept. I'm not entirely sure why it's called "Biplane." Perhaps it will all-too-easily send its rider airborne? Tokyo Motor Show: Sleek Suzuki Biplane Revealed [Jalopnik]
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6 Responses to Suzuki Biplane Concept: Motorcycle, Not Aeroplane

  1. Anonymous says:

    Feh. They just slapped some new bodywork on their Falcorustyco and Nuda concept bikes from 20 years ago:

    Hardly new or innovative.

  2. Subspace says:

    I don’t know, but it looks like it should have been called the Kaneda.

  3. Subspace says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    perhaps “biplane” is a reference to the engine and refers to the separate planes of piston travel or something else??

  5. ChiMike says:

    Sickest. Bike. Ever.

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