Wacom Cintiq 12WX: LCD Drawing Tablet for the Rest

Expect the Wacom Cintiq 12WX to be on the wishlist of most artists and designers this year. The 12-inch, 16:10 tablet has an LCD monitor underneath a pressure-sensitive layer that lets you actually draw right on the screen. And lest you think the 12WX is just a scaled down version of the larger 21UX, it also includes tilt and rotation sensitivity on input devices (not the screen), the better to emulate real-life pencils and brushes. No batteries required—it's all powered over USB. A convertor unit bridges the USB with a DVI or VGA connection. What's going to set this apart is the price—I think. There isn't a price listed yet on Wacom Europe's page, but if I had to take a wild stab at it, I'd say "less than one thousand dollars." The 12WX seems like Wacom's first step towards bringing the Cintiq line towards broad consumer adoption. More details should be forthcoming before its release next month. Product Page [Wacom-Europe.com]
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11 Responses to Wacom Cintiq 12WX: LCD Drawing Tablet for the Rest

  1. Anonymous says:

    @ Nekokami:

    You obviously never used Wacom Cintiq (and obviously you’re unaware of its specs – it has 5000lpi, 1024 levels of pressure, 200 data packets per second, uses excellent 21″ S-IPS panel, which is used in top of the line NEC monitor – NEC 2190UX, one of the best monitors for graphic professionals on market). Sure, it looks like 12″ version will use TN panel based display, but other specs (tablet wise) are the same.

    iRex iLiad may offer lower cost solution, but you can’t even compare those products. Wacom Cintiq is superb product aimed at professionals. Sure, if you just need input device some lower cost solution might be ok for you, but if you need tablet for drawing there’s just nothing even remotely close to Wacom Cintiq in term of quality (and I don’t mean just build / hardware quality, I’m referring to quality of drawn line / ease of drawing).

    Over the years I used various graphic tablets and there’s really no competition between Wacom tablets and others – Wacom is only option if you’re serious about drawing on computer via Photoshop / Painter / Manga Studio. Anybody who buys anything but Wacom is just throwing their money away. It’s like comparing some superb handcrafted Swiss watch with plastic ones you receive in cereal package. Forget about all those Genius, Aiptek, Trust etc. tablets – it’s complete waste of money (and it’s NOT cheaper – you’ll buy that prodcut, but in short time you’ll replace it with Wacom one, so you’ll end up paying more)- at least buy a Graphire (for general usage / hobby drawing / video editing / 3D / photo manipulation), or Intuos 3 if you’re semi-pro or pro illustrator.

    Yes, 21″ Wacom Cintiq may cost a lot (in my country it’s almost 6000$, opposed to 2500$ in USA), but it’s geared toward professional illustrators / 3D artist etc. There’s no point in buying Cintiq if you plan to browse web with it.

    Anyway, tis news is great, I’m very interested to see what will the price be (although I doubt it will be anything lower than 1000-1500€ in Europe, unfortunately).

  2. nekokami says:

    The iRex iLiad may soon offer a lower cost (and more broadly functional) alternative. See http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15144 for more info.

  3. shahar2k says:

    well the cintiq is not really a touch screen, it uses a special stylus (battery free, RFID like technology)

    for drawing on the computer, you could always get a graphire or intuos wacom tablet (look for used ones on craigslist) or cheaper versions (although i’ve heard bad things about the cheaper tablets) again they also use the same stylus tech, but you are drawing on your lap not on a screen… which actually is very comfortable once you adjust to drawing one place and looking another….

    if you are looking to learn to draw though I would highly reccomend a pencil, piece of paper, and a good life drawing session :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Imagine how much better he could draw if he used a Wacom tablet. ;)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the European price will be at least $1600. On the other hand, the 21UX costs twice as much in Sweden as in the US.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did you really draw all that on your Nintendo DS? Your artwork is awesome! I don’t understand how you could have done any of those on a Nintendo DS, please explain!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Re: Comment #1 —

    When I read that, at first I thought you said, “the 21UX costs twice as much as Sweden in the US.” Which I have always thought was true…

    Can’t wait for this to hit the states!

  8. Ivan says:

    Any recommendations on cheap-but-good-enough touchscreen input devices for those looking to, say, learn to draw, but have no need for it professionally?

  9. Anonymous says:

    yeah, maybe that’s why this guy sucks… he uses a genius tablet.


    I’m sure you’re much much better with your wacom.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Or, just put Colors DS on your Nintendo DS and draw up to 480×380, it records your strokes and can reproduce them at a high resolution on your PC later on. A lot cheaper and fits in the pocket!


  11. lia says:

    Ivan, I have a Tablet PC (Toshiba Satellite) that has been my trusted illustration and photoshopping companion for 2.5 years. The screen is bigger than the cintiq one and you draw directly on it with a pressure sensitive stylus. It’s also got a keyboard so basically you have a laptop slash drawing pad. I like the handwriting recognition too since I can’t type (severe tendenitis). Anyway. It cost me 2 grand. Next time you need a laptop get this one, then you’ll have both your drawing pad and a laptop.

    If you are looking to spend small amounts of money, just go for the Wacom Graphire table (100$) like the previous commentator suggested. I use it at work as a mouse substitute but it’s also the drawing tool of photoshoppers and illustrators who can’t afford the bigger screens.

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