Japan Pioneering Ways to Make Robot Interaction More Awkward

Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology have developed a robot they say can recognize—and respond with—human body language. From Pink Tentacle:
The droid’s body language skills are due in large part to technology that allows it to observe, recognize and remember human behavior. NICT’s robot learns body language by watching – much like children, who learn nonverbal communication by watching others – and it can mimic the observed behavior with natural human-like motions. The robot also creates 3D maps of each body it observes, and it commits the map to memory. These maps allow the robot to remember how people and their bodies look, even when viewing them from different angles. In addition, the robot is equipped with delicate force control mechanisms that allow for precise motion and safe physical interaction with humans.
I bet it alawys gives you the cold shoulder. Because it's... I apologize for my attempt to humor, fleshsack. Android acquires nonverbal communication skills [Pink Tentacle]
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