Muji Blackboard Globe

This blackboard globe from Japanese "no frills" retailer Muji has serious appeal. It's the perfect kind of this to leave out when your less prurient friends come over and see what kind of strange worlds they create. It's only £7 online, or if you're a New Yorker, you can wait for Muji's Soho store to open November 16th and hope they carry it. Catalog Page [ via Swissmiss via Core77]
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5 Responses to Muji Blackboard Globe

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    Why not leave it out for your more prurient friends, as well? I’d bet that their continents have more peninsulas.

  2. Jeremy Leader says:

    The only place I’d seen a chalkboard globe mentioned before was in a description of an 18th or 19th century math classroom, for use in teaching spherical trigonometry. Very cool find!

  3. Cnoocy says:

    It would be nice if they gave some indication of its size. Baseball? Basketball? I can’t tell from the picture.

  4. Anonymous says:

    cheers Joel,

    That’s my travel agent brother’s Christmas bought.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Or people could make their own blackboard globe using a cheap regular globe and spray-on blackboard paint.

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