Star Trek Enterprise Putter

This putter for Golfsmith is shaped more or less like the U.S.S. Enterprise. Just pretend the saucer section has been smooshed into the neck through some soon-to-be-mended snag in the interdimensional weft. It's $130, available in November. Ahead warp factor fore! Catalog Page [ via Uncrate via Neatorama via Scribal Terror via Signaleer]
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4 Responses to Star Trek Enterprise Putter

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    From the page:

    But its out-of-this-world look is not just a novelty. With a moment of inertia (MOI) of 6818 g-cm² — 40% higher than average putter MOI — the NCC-1701 is the most forgiving putter head Golfsmith offers. Most of its weight is positioned in stainless steel heel and toe weight cylinders which give the CNC-milled putter head its unique look — and also serve as alignment aids.

    So… they’re claiming that it’s actually functional in some sort of arcane way. Would be interesting to hear from a golfer who’s tried this out…

  2. Daniel Rutter says:

    It’s more of a Marshall class, if you ask me.

    I’d feel dorky for knowing that, except that I know somebody, somewhere, has already ordered one of these things. That person’s own dorkiness shines so brightly that none of the rest of us are even visible any more.

  3. David B. says:

    This surpasses the Belle Beast Dog Brush (from Beauty and the Beast) as the stupidest licensed product…

    At least Belle and the Beast looked like they did in the movie!

  4. Josh Brockman says:

    Actually, the brightest beacon of dorkdom is probably the guy who actually buys the parts and assembles the thing himself.

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