Video: "(Gonna) Buy Mii a Wii" Rap Opus

The cringe-inducing hit of the morning, "(Gonna) Buy Mii a Wii," in which the self-identified Black Nerd serenades himself about the purchase he intends to make in the future—presumably a second Wii, since the video is filled with shots of his first. [via Kottke]
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3 Responses to Video: "(Gonna) Buy Mii a Wii" Rap Opus

  1. David B. says:

    Okay, post purchase regret is well known – but post-pre purchase euphoria?

  2. Riblets says:

    That was a perfect morning brain enema, Thank you.

  3. devoinregress says:

    I love the part where his mom walks in on him. (3.19)

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