Dishmaster Imperial Ad (1965)

From the ad:
You don't have to put your hands in hot, soapy water three times a day. Or spend all that time, either. Not if you've got a new Dishmaster Imperial, you don't. Dishmaster is ideal for husbands who hate to do dishes. And for wives you haven't been able to get their husbands to do dishes. It's quick. Simple. And very clean. Don't be a dish slave. Be a dish master. Buy a Dishmaster at any leading hardware, plumbing, appliance or department store. It'll fit any sink. And for best results, be sure to pick up a bottle of Dishmaster concentrated detergent.
What a lovely device. It makes washing dishes seem like a Sunday drive. Entirely superfluous today, of course, but antithetical to the sparse, geometric lines of modern faucets. (Which I also like.) Dish Slaves (KBlood Photostream) [Flickr via Retro Thing via Gadget Lab]
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7 Responses to Dishmaster Imperial Ad (1965)

  1. kowala says:

    my gangsta grandma kitchen still has one, it is so very useful and doubles as a body scrubber. with built in soap shooter

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Does it get AM?

  3. Anonymous says:

    My aunt and uncle bought one of these new for their first house together after their marriage in 1966. They have gone from living in a series of glorified shotgun shacks to a four-story custom-built million-dollar Victorian. But they STILL HAVE their original Dishmaster! It has hopped from house to house, sometimes requiring serious mods of the sink and plumbing structures. And I gotta tell ya, I’ve had to do dishes after Thanksgiving dinners in their home, and it’s the real deal.

  4. thatmatt says:

    Behold the glory of the Dishmaster:

    I took this photo tonight. We have a Dishmaster installed at our house that was built in the ’50s. The water pipes are mounted in the wall and there’s probably a big scary hole behind the Dishmaster. This faucet can hide quite a bit.

    Note the cool rooster stickers on our tile, too. The vintage green tupperware adds to the charm.

  5. David D. says:

    Entirely superfluous today? I think not! I want one of these immediately!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who read the headline, saw the pic, and though it was an ad for a competitor to DiSH Network (satellite TV provider) ?

    If you don’t look too closely, it’s like an ad that tries to show how antiquated DiSH Network’s hardware is, and then it tells you to switch to Dish Master, which sounds like an appropriate name for a competitor…

  7. gregger says:

    You can still buy these… I saw them in Orchard Supply Hardware in Berkeley. Awesome!


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