no!no! Shaver Removes Hair By Burning It

The "no!no!" is a shaver for one's nethers, which appears to use heat to burn away unwanted pubes, rather than actually cutting them. A "thermodynamic wire" is used to "transmit heat" to the short and/or curly, after which the "thermal heat signal destroys the hair, which is characterized by odor." Delicious! The no!no! is being sold at Sephora for $250, so let's hope it works as well as my personal groomer of choice, a smooth slathering of Sterno and a $5 butane crotchtorch, available at your local restaurant supply. (Pro tip: Leave store before attempting procedure.) Catalog Page [Sephora via Shaving Stuff]
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9 Responses to no!no! Shaver Removes Hair By Burning It

  1. jplkeekif says:

    doesn’t burning hell smell horrible though?

  2. jplkeekif says:

    sorry, meant to say hair

  3. Subspace says:

    The reviews for this product are pretty evenly poor. Apparently the mechanism can’t beat anything but the wispiest of hairs, which sort of defeats the purpose. For $250 you can get professionally defoliated.

  4. kas says:

    I’m pretty sure burning Hell would smell bad too…

    Also, I’m not putting anything which sets fire to stuff, down… there.

  5. stevew says:

    Works for crabs too!

  6. TwoShort says:

    I just spit coffee all over my keyboard.
    I hope you’re happy.

  7. Christovir says:

    Also available for the same purpose: a lighter!

  8. DocQuinn says:

    Can you say “burning bush”…

    This sounds like a reference to one of my favorite Escape Pod episodes… (

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